What can one do with their own domain? Publish irrelevant and useless information, of course! So, in this spirit....


Nerd stuff:


  • Steering a Car or Truck.While everybody thinks that they know how to steer, it took Bobby Ore to properly extend shuffle steering into what is undoubtedly the best steering technique known.
  • The Double-Declutching Gas-Blipping Downshift.If you're looking for something new to learn while driving, and your car or truck has a manual gearbox, then double-declutching and gas-blipping might be just the ticket (pun intended), particularly for those who are interested in racing.

Target Archery:

The archery section looks at shooting techniques, the assembly of arrows, tries to correlate scores to actual accuracy (by means of mathematical models [that are hopefully correct]), and even provides free targets that you can print.


Upcoming content might include...

  • Tuning a guitar (EADGCF) to minimize gratuitous memorization of chords and scales.
  • Electronics for electric guitars.
  • Choosing foods to reach a total caloric goal given a particular composition (carbohydrates/protein/fat) for weight training or other purposes.